Millions in the world have a great trouble, with deep repercussions on their social life: flatulences.
Everybody tries to quit farting, but just few do it. The great part of people actually trusts to expensive remedies that promise great results, but give just disappointment.
Protty International®, a Milwaukee-based primary pharmaceutical company, has set up a safe and effective remedy, that puts an end to the anxious search of millions people:

NoFart TM

anti-farting patch

You stick it on your arm and as if by magic you quit farting!

Read the testimonials of those who tried it:

Kevin D. A. Los Angeles: My farts made me loose my self-confidence, and neither my wife and my children respected me. Now with NoFartTM I'm a successful man, self-assured and determined.
Mary McB. Las Vegas: I couldn't renounce to eat beans and chestnuts and then I farted as a horse. Now I use NoFartTM and as they bring me a dish of beans I can say: "yes, thanks!"
John B. Toronto: I'm an elevator boy, but I used to loose one job after the other because of the polluted air I created. Now I use NoFartTM and the elevator's passengers congratulate me.
Elaine F. Seattle: I'm a ballet-dancer and often during my solos I gave out noisy flatulences that made the public laugh. Since I use NoFartTM I'm the prima ballerina of my theatre.
Sean A. Dallas: Nobody got in my house, neither the postman, because of the air saturated of mephitic exhalations. I started to use NoFartTM and now my house is always full of friends and beautiful women.
Mildred K. Miami: Oftentime, after dinner, I lost consciousness because of the heavy air I created. Now I use NoFartTM and I can do without my nap and I have more time for myself.
Rufus R. New York: I had the bad habit to fart in the underground, and each time the other passengers hitted me, then I was forced to go by feet. Now with NoFartTM I can even catch a taxi.
Ramon G. Santa Monica: Every time I ate tacos I farted as hell and I reduced myself to feed only salads. Since I use NoFartTM I can eat again as I was a boy.
George W. Detroit: I'm a manager, but the meetings used to panic me, for my farts. I started to use NoFartTM and in short I became chairman of the board of directors.
Karen H. Boston: I always loved farting, but it gave me troubles with my boyfriend and my friends. Now with NoFartTM I can quit as I please and fart freely when I'm alone.
Malcolm P. Chicago: I'm an enthusiast angler, but my noisy farts made all the fishes flee. I applied NoFartTM and now I'm the best angler of my county.
Lorraine J. St Louis: I'm a hostess and often my farts frightened the passengers and made the security forces burst in. Then I discovered NoFartTM and my captain asked me for my hand.
Jack M. Reno: I'm a professional snooker player and the bent position often made me fart, and this deconcentrated me. Since I use NoFartTM I didn't loose a match.
Debbie W. Malibu: I am a synchronette and as I farted in the swimming pool my team mates laughed at me calling me "Jacuzzi". I started to use NoFartTM and I now am the best of my team.

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