cattle mafia: a negated reality

by Andrea GADDINI
Informant boss of the Agerolese-Podolica family

In the previously published works (see), we have dealt about of the overwhelming cape of silence and deception that in the centuries prevented from appreciating the numberless gifts of cattle.
Anyway we would not underrate an other aspect of the bovinity, the skill to join themselves in gangs, even for criminal goals, as a consequence of the sociality, which is a typical trait of the species.
In fact natural selection has taken cattle to join in groups in order to defend themselves from the predators and propagate the species, and creating criminal aggregations is the best way to reach this goal, more effective than the mere forming of unarmed herds, at the mercy of the predators.
The evidence of the success of this strategy is that the bovine species is widespread everywhere in the world, while its main predators, if not already extinguished, are endangered of extinction; for instance the wolf. By the way we can say that evidently the "lupara", typical mafia gun, is a bovine invention, aimed to shot against the wolf (in Italian: lupo).
The origin of cattle mafia dates back to a movement of rebellion against the amputation of the tail, (in Italian: “coda”) named "Coda nostra" ("our own tail"); later on the Apulian dairy cows constituted the "Sacred United Friesian" and the Sicilian herds of Modicana breed organized themselves in gangs leaded by a a cow with a very developped udder known as "Mammasantissima".
The sharper observers of cattle behavior actually deem zootechny not as an economic activity carried out by the man in order to get animal products and make a living, but instead as the result of an extortion activity carried through against the man by cattle, who force by threats the breeders to feed and tend them daily.
Also the well-known "milk quotas" can be considered as a kind of mafia racket imposed by cattle to the breeders, through the European Union, that it is actually the instrument of the cattle conspiracy aimed to the conquest of the supremacy in the planet.

This conspiracy has in fact a world-wide dimensions, as proved by the planetary spread of the Black Spotted-Friesian-Holstein gang; and we must remark the analogy between "black spotted" and "black hand", with the former who probably gave its name to the latter.
A further evidence of the existence of the bovine mafia is given by the peculiar trait of mafia members: the cospiracy of silence. In fact it is renowned that cattle do not love to speak, although they are perfectly able to do it (see:
Talking herds).
The most ingenuous readers of this work could think that the lack of news on cattle Mafia can be an evidence of its non-existence, not understanding that instead it is an evidence of the contrary, inasmuch as only a very powerful and tentacular structure would be able to hide the evidences of its own existence, until becoming perfectly invisible, so that it is deemed as nonexistent.

The world-wide conspiracy
Actually cattle mafia, even being mighty and powerful, is only a branch of a wider world-wide conspiracy carried for centuries by the bovine species to dominate the world: it is extremely clear that through all the history of the humanity reveals the absolute dependency of all the human events from the bovine will.
The author of this work has completed a long series of searches on secrets texts, kept by the secret archives of CIA, FBI, Vatican, Farmers' Associations and KGB, and that he does not have the permission to disclose, that anyway demonstrate in incontrovertible way what was affirmed.

Some examples
The birth of Rome (not by chance it begun with the tracing of a furrow by means of a bull and a cow, yoked together) and the following spread of the Roman Empire in three continents has been only an instrument aimed to allow the spread of cattle. Moreover the high economic development of Rome, that had the wood as a source of energy and raw materials, caused the deforestation of immense areas of the old world, with consequent increase of grazing areas available for cattle.
The evidence of this is in the following barbaric invasions that ended the Roman Empire: once the grazing areas for cattle were created, there was no more need for the existence of the imperial State, but instead it was time to introduce new cattle herds, like those belonging to the Podolian strain. This mission was fulfilled by means of nomadic human populations, guided from the Asian steppes to the heart of Europe by their bovine masters. As everybody knows the Barbarians manifested their cultural submission to the bovines wearing helmets bearing horns.
Towards the end of 15th century the cattle summit estimated that the resources disposable for the bovines in Europe were almost depleted, and therefore they forced Cristopher Columbus to discover America, with the only aim to supply new pastures to cattle, that in fact now colonize unopposed the plains of Argentina, Brazil and United States.
Later on, the thirty years war (1618-1648) was only a dispute between Dutch, Danish (Holstein) and Spanish bovines on the genetic superiority of the different breeds, which then was fought by proxy, by the humans, inasmuch as the bovine species does not think it better to shed their blood in useless wars.
Also the spread of the monotheistic religions has been guided by cattle, since it allowed to limit the spread of the ovine species, thanks to the ritual immolations of lambs.
It must then remark as not accidental the fact that the symbol of the evangelist John is an ox, the emblem of wisdom and right guide for the humanity: in fact a dull e mistaken estimation makes the men to believe that is the ploughman who leads the ox along the ploughing and the cart pulling, while it is obvious that it is the ox, who walks in a more advanced position, to choose the destination.
We could mention many other examples that demonstrate in an evident way how a bovine plot is revealed through every event of the human history, but this would lay the author of this work as a possible target of reprisal and intimidations of cattle gangs. For these reasons the plentiful documentary material collected, which includes incontrovertible evidences of the bovine conspiracy, will not be disclosed by the author, but it will be kept in a safe place at the descendant's disposal.

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