New techniques of divination

The ancient divinatory science, like every other scientific discipline, must adapt its own instruments to the progress and to the more recent innovations. For this also the divinatory techniques evolve and new ones are conceived: here follows a short review of the most meaningful.

Theobromomancy: the pre-Columbian civilizations deemed cacao (scientific name: Theobroma, that is "food of the gods") as sacred, and the signs that it generates are sent us by Supreme Beings.
The divinatory technique consists in administrating the questioner a dose of chocolate, in order to interpret then the shape, the color and the dimensions of the pimples appearing on his face or on other zones of the body.

Scatomancy: faeces are a solid production, widely inexplicable, of the human being. This mysterious character evidently pushes to look for its meaning.
The divinatory technique consists in interpreting shape, color and smell of the faeces.

Anconomancy: the elbow (in Greek: ankon) is a part of the human body having obvious esoteric functions.
The divinatory technique consists in reading the questioner's elbow, interpreting its shape and color and the course of the cutaneous folds.
A variant of anconomancy is going to the city of Ancona and see which way the wind is blowing.

Pagotomancy: the technique consists in interpreting the signs that appear on the ice creams sticks, after the questioner has consumed them. The interpretation of the words "Wall's Magnum", that often appears, is one of the more fascinating challenges of modern pagotomantic science.

Polentomancy: even maize, like cacao, was considered by the Central American people a gift of the gods, and therefore a bearer of celestial messages.
The divinatory technique consists in interpreting the frequency, the duration and the height of the cracklings produced by the polenta while it is cooking.

Micomancy: the technique consists in reading the crumbs remaining on the table of a restaurant after the meal. The meal must be payed by the questioner in a restaurant chosen by the seer.

Trapezomancy: the technique consists in interpreting the questioner's statement of account and ATM card (including the PIN code) to draw useful indications.

Creomancy: the reading of the beef texture, in particular on tenderloin, allows the seer to foresee the future of the questioner, that must supply at least 3 or 4 kgs of beef, in order to allow a complete reading.

Myauntmancy: the divinatory technique consists in asking my aunt what will happen in the future.

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