Some years ago (2007) I wrote a webpage on a fictitious village, named Ecolozzo, characterized by a blunt and fanatical acceptance of environmentalist trend, and whose traditional specialties were defaced by replacements of classic ingredients with self-styled "ecological" mockery ingredients, as "tofu and pepper spaghetti" or "vegetal pajata rigatoni" .

Today, March 3rd 2015, on La7 channel I witnessed a commercial promoting "Pesto with Tofu" and I found on the web "Soy Bolognese Sauce" and "Soy Carbonara".

Now, refusing any responsibility for the above mentioned horrors (otherwise I should demand several multinational corporation to remit me the royalties), I'm forced to ask myself, as Alex Drastico did: "But who? But how? What the fuck?"

page created: March 3th 2015 and last updated: March 6th 2015