Is there a connexion between the Medjugorje miracles, the Parmalat affair, the Smurfs and Atlantis?
Is it true that Coke's secret recipe is guarded by the Templars by the Stonehenge circle?
Is it true that Paul McCartney was murdered in 1962 because he had unveiled the mistery of Bermuda's triangle and had revealed it to Harry Potter?
Is it true that the misterious sculptors of Easter island's Moais are also the authors of the European gothic cathedrals?
Is it true that saint Pio of Pietrelcina's stigmata, when read backwards, reveal the secret of the Egyptian pyramids?
Is it true that Elvis Presley never died, but turned himself into Michael Jackson to recover the magic spell of the Yoruba sorcerers that give the gift of invisibility?
Is it true that Heidi is actually Eva Braun, who is still looking for the philosopher's stone, hidden by Diabolik in a Swiss bank?
Is it true that Loch Ness monster and the African Mokele Mbembe are the same creature who moves from Scotland to Africa using a secret tunnel?
Is it true that Sherlock Holmes really existed and came from Terni?
Is it true that bats can capture and devore a man seizing him by his hair or, if he's bald, hypnotizing him?
Is it true that the Etruscan language was so mysterious that the same Etruscans did not understand it?
Is it true that Atlantis is on the point to re-emerge, but its hotels are all booked out?
Is it true that Rocco Buttiglione was already awarded three times the Nobel prize for physics, but the news has always been hidden?
Is it true that the lucky bamboo hosts a spider who can transmit us the mad cow disease?
Is it true that dogs do not have lungs, but instead they breathe by their tongue?

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