The Italians are tired of all these nature: the redbreasts are leftist, the red woodpeckers are violent, the blackbirds are black blocks and the nightingales sing all the time, then they are communists, and it's time to cry aloud:

stop all those swallows!

Since numberless springs a criminal event happens, always tolerated by the communist governments of the last decades: the illegal immigration of the swallows.
These birds use to come from Africa in massive migrations, they are black, they feed strange foods, they speak an incomprehensible language and refuse to integrate themselves with the autochthons, choosing rather to live in sordid bedsits under the honest citizens' roofs, menacing even to burst in. They moreover break the Italians' sleep up waking at dawn and engaging themselves in unbridled whirls, joined with shrill cries, likely an indication of assumption of drugs or alcohol.
We should nor forget the damage done whitdrawing food and work to the national insectivores, above of all to the bats, discriminated by virtue of a hateful prejudice of partisan origin against the nice little animals having the only guilt to live hanged upside down.
But starting from this year, thanks to the Bossi-Fini law, finally there will put an end to this shame: special police flying-squads will take care of arresting these illegal immigrants on the water line of our skies, repelling them to their countries where, in case, they could be helped.

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