The inhabitants of Zozzeto bear the unjustified reputation of poorly taking care of their personal hygiene and of that of the places, and that's why many tourists avoid to visit the village, fearing for their own health. Actually the cases of food intoxications don't affect more than 78% of the guests, while the parasitic infestations are some more widespread, not arousing anyway a real worry.
The rustic hospitality of the zozzetans does not include many refinements and formalities and a frank conviviality gladdens the traditional festivities, when tourists and natives share dishes, glasses, forks, knives, spoons and even the sheets.

What to see
The Entomological Civic Museum of Zozzeto shelters the most complete collection of parasitic insects ever gathered in the world. In particular the armoured caveau placed in the cellar shelters the more precious pieces, like a crab-louse belonged to Cristopher Columbus, the gad-flies of the Alexander the Great's horse, some (very spoiled) lice of Count Ugolino and his sons, the Napoleon's dog ticks and the first tiger mosquito ever introduced in Europe. The museum is on the point of purchasing a horsefly coming from the Shuttle Endeavour and a flea which belonged to Yurij Gagarin.
The contemporary art installations that enliven the streets make the visit of the village an unique and unforgettable experience.

Festivities and popular traditions
The saint patron of Zozzeto is Saint Luridana, who decided to keep herself virgin to follow her vocation, even if it seems that her halitosis made her task easier. She was martyrized in the year 290 by the pagans that dipped her in a soap-suds basin; in memory of the event in Zozzeto, derogating the traditional liturgy, it's used to celebrate the so-called "dry baptism".
During the patronal festivity, in proximity of the area in which pig-farms lie, the traditional mud wrestling contests take place, being performed in a peculiar way, since the fluid in the pools is not properly definable as "mud".
Moreover in the village the traditional "Clostridium Festival" is carried out in summer, and culminates in a contest between the best oil preserves.

The restaurants of Zozzeto provide for low prices the local specialties, among which the most appreciated is the baked salmonella, who boasts several people being sick for it, but also the Listeria fillet with white wine are so good that you could die for them.
Amongst the cheeses we can mention the "Brucellina", a fresh cheese made of non-pasteurized milk, which is awaiting for the Protected Designation of Origin, and the cheese with worms renowned for its peculiarity to serve by itself on the table.
The typical zozzetese sweet is the botulinum tiramisù, avalaible even in the fly-free version.

The most widespread leisure in Zozzeto are the bobsled races, which are disputed on appropriate tracks traced on the landfills near the village; the zozzetan athletes often win medals in the international competitions of this sport.
The most daring ones instead devote themselves to the chiropody, that when performed on Zozzeto inhabitants can be considered as an extreme sport.

The hotel rooms are comfortable, though they are lacking of useless fineries, like the bathroom: every room is provided with a practical and traditional chamber-pot, to be emptied, every time it's needed, pouring it out of the window. Moreover the guests aren't bothered by the noises of room cleaning, which is made just on February 29

The local salmonella population boasts specimens of such a size that can be classified among the Vertebrata, some of them have a tattoo and a collar.
The house-flies displacements, due to their size and density, are regulated by a special control tower in order to avoid collisions; for the same reason some areas of the village are also interdict to the birds' flight, except for seagulls.
The rats in Zozzeto are so numerous that they asked and obtained the right to vote; one of them was appointed as councilior responsible for municipal cleansing service, deliberating the abolition of dumpsters and the undertake to lay the garbage down on the edge of the road.

How to get there
To reach Zozzeto by car it takes a certain care while driving, because of the greased asphalt layer covering the roads, that's why it's advisable to use the public transports, like the train, after appropriate preventive vaccinations against the more important infectious diseases.
The Zozzeto city council doesn't provide a real bus service, but the truck used for the garbage collection (waste collection vehicle) is also used as a bus, at the end of the collection service, and sometimes during the same service. It must consider that in the morning hours the frequency of the buses can be reduced since the truck works also as a school-bus and hearse.

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