The Fascism suits the Italians because it is in their
nature and contains their aspirations, exalts
their hatreds, reassures their inferiority.
Fascism is demagogic but master-like,
rhetorical, xenophobic, culture-hating,
despiser of freedom and justice,
oppressor of the weaker, servant of the stronger,
always ready to point at the "others"
as the reason of its own impotence or defeat.
Fascism is lyrical, gerontophobic,
hooligan if needed, always stupid, but
brisk, plagiarist, mannerist.
It doesn't like nature, since identifies
nature with country life,
that is servants' life; but it is boor,
that is shows the haughtiness of the servant grown rich.
It hates animals, doesn't has a feeling for art,
doesn't love solitude, nor respects its
neighbour, which however doesn't respects it.
Doesn't love love, but possession.
Doesn't have sense of religion, but sees in
religion a bulwark to prevent the others
from reaching the power. Intimately it believes in God,
but as in a being with whom it settled an
agreement, quid pro quo. It is superstitious,
it wants to be free to do what it wants,
specially if at damage or nuisance of the others.
The fascist is disposed for anything if only
it's conceded that he's the master, the father.
The mothers are generally fascist.

Ennio Flaiano (1910-1972)

from: Diario degli errori (Bompiani, Milano 1995) (translation: Andrea Gaddini)

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