Mohammad Hossein Naghdi

Mohammad Hossein Naghdi was a member of the National Council of the Iranian Resistance, assassinated on March 16th, 1993 in via delle Egadi, in the district of Montesacro, in Rome, Italy.
Mohammed had arrived in Rome in 1981, when the Khomeini regime had appointed him ambassador, but a year later, he had "repudiated" the Islamic government, "impressed by the horrors of the regime" and had become one of the leading exponents of the all Khomeinist integralism. He was then entrusted with the official representation of the Iranian National Liberation Council, which was based in via delle Egadi. Since that moment the Tehran regime has decreed the death sentence, after his brother and cousin, murdered after atrocious torture.
Recently another cousin of him, the instigator of the murder of his relatives, had been appointed head of the secret services of the Iranian police, and Hussein understood that it would be his turn.

Mohammad was born in Yazd, Iran, on March 25th, 1951 and therefore was about his 42th birthday when he was assassinated. He was married to Ferminia Moroni, an Italian from Foligno.
Naghdi is buried in the non-Catholic cemetery of Rome, near the Pyramid of Cestius, in Zone 3, Box 2, Row 6, Position 13. On the tombstone an inscription in Persian is placed and, below, an epitaph in Italian:

"Mohammad Hossein Naghdi
Diplomat - Representative of the Iranian resistance,
A humane gentle ardent hero killed by the
Khomeinist ferocity. He lives through his ideals
And his loved ones.
Yazd 25. 3. 1951 Rome 16. 3. 1993

Mohammad is remembered by a plaque in piazza Elba, a few hundred meters from the place of the assassination, and by another plaque in Ancona, in piazza Cavour. .

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