the mystery of Dolomites

We all have in mind the imposing beauty of the Dolomites, the solemn majesty of the delicate pink mountain tops of Marmolada, Pale di San Martino or Civetta.
There is only a little problem: is there really somebody who can think that such a mastodontic creation could be made by men?
Do we really believe that the primitive technics of that age have been able to carry to produce such astonishing results?
Can we really imagine rude primitive men, provided with equally rudimental tools, setting themselves at work and creating the three tops of Lavaredo?
Obviously not.
It is instead obvious that the Dolomites must be a work of advanced minds, coming without doubt from an other planet and mastering techniques so advanced to allow them to build, for the benefit of the posterity, such a moving monument to the talent and the laboriousness.
Furthermore the names of the Dolomites' tops are evidently alien: Sciliar, Cimolais, Sorapis or Latemar are not terrestrial phonemes, they clearly belong instead to an extraterrestrial linguistic family.
Further studies could determine which tools have been adopted by the extragalactic craftsmen, whether a carbonatic pranocrystallization of calcium and magnesium or a telekinetic metaevaporation of the salts dissolved in faraway oceans, with a transport for thousands kilometers, thanks to the power of the advanced alien minds, and stratification thanks to the work of mysterious physical forces, still unknown.
What we can affirm with certainty is that the Dolomites have been erected to be used as signalling for the navigation and landing of spaceships of other worlds, just like the renowned crop circles, which anyway have a more limited function, since they appear just between late spring and beginning of summer, while the Dolomites are visible all the year.
We can also admit that the particular planning of the mountains of Dolomieux also has satisfied the goal to be used as a place of leisure and relax for the extragalactic pilots, inasmuch as extraterrestrials, as widely demonstrated by many studies, love skiing very much.
We are proud of having thrown a light beam on a truth for a long time hidden by the mighty powers of rationalist and obscurantist science and aprioristic skepticism, who denies evident truths like the skill of cattle to fly (see our web page) or the alien nature of Bruno Vespa, or the philantropic vocation of the banks.

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