Subterranean cattle: a negated reality

by Andrea Gaddini
Professor of Cryptozootechny and Spelaeomilking - University of Cavebridge

The unbelievable chain of lies, neglects and obscurantist censorships thrown on bovine species from the official science, as we mentioned in other works (Flying cattle: a negated reality, Cattle swimming: a negated reality and Steer Trek: a negated reality), could not fail to include the denial of an underground cattle life that, being hidden, is easier to conceal and negate.
It's common knowledge that the earlier representations of bovids were found in caves, like those of Altamira, Lascaux, Tuc d'Audoubert (photo 1, 2, 3 and 4).
These valuable works of art cannot be reliably attributed to prehistorical men, rough and dull primates which could never conceive and execute such refined masterpieces; instead it's evident that the pathos appearing in the paintings should lead us to attribute them to gentle and sensitive creatures, emotionally involved with cattle, and who corresponds to these traits more than the same cattle? We can also suppose that cattle farming, with its constraint devices (photo 5), rose out to prevent cattle from painting, activity which was later monopolized by the humans (see also our worth work "Bovine painters: a negated reality"), even if it seems, from witnesses of that age, that the great Raphael (photo 6) was in reality a Marchigiana young bull, discovered and launched by its master Pietro Vannucci, called il Perugino (photo 7), which in its turn was a Chianina bull; should we deem that the use of ox bristles to make brushes (photo 8) is and was accidental?

Sightings of cave cattle (which could be classed in the species Bos spaeleus), are unusual and photografic documents are even more rare (photo 9), but the lack of vegetation in the caves (photo 10) can be explained only by its alimentary consumption by big cave dwelling herbivores, which confirms our assumption. Cave cattle, as expected, have a rough and wild look and are covered with hair to overcome caves' damp (photo 11 and 12); their foreseeable aggressiveness recommends not to come close caves that could hide them (photo 13).

We can moreover refer to the great bulk of cattle observations in urban underground places, like New York subway, crowded with crocodiles (see photo 14 and 15 and website) obviously feeding subterranean steers) or Paris sewers, whence it seems originated Charolaise breeds (photo 16), depigmented as every troglobite animal (photo 17).

The Sea Ox Cave already mentioned in the work on cattle swimming, recalls also cattle's troglodytical habits, even if we could suppose the correct name be "C" Ox Cave, referring to an ox mooing on C tonality (see "bovine mooosic: a negated reality").
This work will be surely concealed by the establishment, and anyway how we could expect objectiveness from the official science, daring even to negate the existence of Easter rabbit bestower of happiness (photo 18) and that is the same rabbit to place dew droplets on spider webs in the morning early? (photo 19) (see our multimedia work: "Easter rabbit and Black Widow: an international conspiracy").

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