Giordano BRUNO (1548-1600)

Oh holy asininity, holy ignorance,
Holy silliness and pious devotion,
You only can make souls so good,
That human brains and study can't do better;
Tiring watch of art whatever may be,
Or invention doesn't reach it,
Neither the contemplation of the sapients
Till heaven, where you build your own place.
What is worth, you curious ones, studying,
Willing to know what nature does,
If the stars are ground, fire and sea?
The holy asininity doesn't care of this, but;
Clasping hands and kneeling down it wants to stay,
Waiting from God its own fortune.
No thing lasts,
Except for the yield of the eternal rest,
Which God shall give us after the exequies.

from: "Cabala del cavallo pegaseo". Original text from (

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