Freedom Come-All-Ye
This song was written in 1960 by the great Scottish poet Hamish Henderson (1919-2002) for the peace marchers at the Holy Loch, near Glasgow.
It's a song against racism, imperialism and exploitation.
The song is written in Scots, a dialect, or according to others a language, similar to English and widespread in Lowland Scotland.
The tune is the World War I pipe march, "The Bloody Fields of Flanders", that Henderson learnt in 1944, during the defense of the beachhead of Anzio, Italy.

lyrics from : Scotland's Songs translation from Dick Gaughan's website

Freedom Come-All-Ye

Freedom Come-All-Ye

Roch the wind in the clear day's dawin
Blaws the cloods heelster-gowdie ow'r the bay
But there's mair nor a roch wind blawin
Through the great glen o the warld the day.

It's a thocht that will gar oor rottans
A' they rogues that gang gallus, fresh and gay,
Tak the road and seek ither loanins
For their ill ploys, tae sport and play

Nae mair will the bonnie callants
Mairch tae war when oor braggarts crousely craw,
Nor wee weans frae pit-heid and clachan
Mourn the ships sailin doon the Broomielaw.

Broken faimlies in lands we've herriet
Will curse Scotland the Brave nae mair, nae mair;
Black and white, ane til ither mairriet
Mak the vile barracks o their maisters bare

So come all ye at hame wi Freedom,
Never heed whit the hoodies croak for doom
In your hoose a' the bairns o Adam
Can find breid, barley-bree and painted room.

When MacLean meets wi's freens in Springburn
A' the roses and geans will turn tae bloom,
And a black boy frae yont Nyanga
Dings the fell gallows o the burghers doon.

It's a rough wind in the clear day's dawning
Blows the clouds head-over-heels across the bay
But there's more than a rough wind blowing
Through the Great Glen of the world today

It's a thought that would make our rodents,
All those rogues who strut and swagger,
Take the road and seek other pastures
To carry out their wicked schemes

No more will our fine young men
March to war at the behest of jingoists and imperialists
Nor will young children from mining communities and rural hamlets
Mourn the ships sailing off down the River Clyde

Broken families in lands we've helped to oppress
will never again have reason to curse the sound of advancing Scots
Black and white, united in friendship and marriage,
Will result in the military garrisons being abandoned and empty

So come all you who love freedom
Pay no attention to the prophets of doom
In your house all the children of Adam
Will be welcomed with food, drink and hospitality

When the spirit of John MacLean returns to his people
All the flowers will blossom
And black Africa will bring crashing down
All Imperialism's dreadful apparatus of oppression.


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